Safe working height when using tripod ladders

If you happen to use ladders a lot for your daily activities, the maximum height of a ladder is always going to be a factor. Over the years, there have been reports of workplace injuries and accidents that are mainly a result of the use of ladders.

In 2017, a report shared by the Health and Safety Executive showed that 7% of all workplace injuries involve falling from ladders. The report also showed that falls from ladders also amount to 28% of fatal accidents in workplaces. Therefore, paying attention to the safe working height for ladders is a great way to avoid fatal or nonfatal injuries that may arise from falling from a ladder. 

You can conveniently reduce your level of safety concerns when you adopt the use of a tripod ladder. Its design offers more stability, ensuring safety even in difficult areas. Tripod ladders like the name imply feature three legs which ensures optimum stability. Besides the wide footprint formed by the legs of the tripod ladder, the tripod ladder is still able to fit into small spaces. This makes it convenient and easy to work in tight spaces and reach tight corners.

If you’re wondering if tripod ladders are suitable for uneven grounds, then your answer is yes. Tripod stands have adjustable legs which you can adjust to as much as 18″ in height. Tripod ladders were initially developed for outdoor use, to reach and prune trees in the garden.

Today, tripod ladders can be used for indoor tasks and other related activities. Thanks to the rubber padding on the feet of the ladder, you can worry less about the ladder leaving a mark on your floor.

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3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladders

Crown 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladders


What is the safe working height for tripod ladders

To ensure the safety of every individual using a tripod ladder for both basic and complex tasks, there is a safe working height set on every tripod ladder. Based on guidelines by health and safety experts, the maximum height on a tripod ladder should not be anything less than three feet from the top of the ladder. This allows you to comfortably lean on the ladder especially when using both hands to work.

With the Crown garden Ladders, you can worry less about falling when using tripod ladders. The top-quality tripod ladders feature a firm base at the safety level to ensure a sturdy and comfortable platform to stand on. Crown Garden Supplies offers some of the best tripod ladders to improve your efficiency as well as your safety while working at height. 

Tripod ladders standout among others thanks to their amazing features and aesthetic design. Stability is one of the major advantages you can get from the tripod ladders as the legs of the ladders are clawed, allowing it to stand properly on both hard and soft surfaces. 

To enable you to reach even further, the tripod stands feature an adjustable back leg which can be extended up to 2 feet in height.  With tripod ladders from Northern Arb Suppliers, you are guaranteed of only the best quality ladders for your indoor or outdoor tasks.  

Other Safety Tips For Working At Height

Sticking with the safety height level for tripod ladders will go a long way to ensure safety. However, there are few other tips you can use to further improve your safety while working at height. Below are helpful tips for additional safety.

Ensure that you’re competent and experienced enough to use a ladder. 

Check to ensure there are no damages or loose nuts and screws on your ladder 

Ensure your work environment is properly cleared to remove any possible safety hazards.

Make sure you do not carry any load above 10kg on the ladder.

Always referent to the user guide provided with the ladders

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